Cattle Fair, Kunvaria

Organised by Panchayat Samiti, Rajsamand - 15 Km east to district Head Quarters, is also a famous Cattle Fair, rendering full scope of sale and purchase of cattle and items related to live stock.
Kavi Sammelan, cultural nights and other dance-dramas are major events of entertainment.

Jhaljhoolni Ekadashi

A virtual drama of colours where lacs of devotees get together in the month of September to take lord krishna to the lake nearby for the religious bath in a grand procession. People around Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh visit Charbhuja Ji to celebrate the occasion.


The day next to 'Deepawali', is the day of Govardhan Pooja (Govardhan stands for the hill near birth place of Lord Krishna in Brij). In the afternoon the Gwal devotees play with holy cows and take them to Shrinath ji Temple from the Goushala.
In the late evening, besides many kind of delicious edibles, a huge amount of rice ( said to be 100 mounds ) is placed in front of the idol, which is then 'looted' by Bhils in the mid night. The scene is eye catching as well as adventurous as the rice is steaming hot and there is amusing struggle to grab as much rice as possible.
This ceremony is dedicated to agriculture based economy of the country i.e. worship of hills, land and animal wealth. Similar function is also celebrated at Dwarikadheesh at Kankroli.


It is a celebration of fertility. It continues to be a major festival for centuries. Ghoomar dance is specially associated with Gangaur. The three days long Gangaur fair is organised by Municipal Council of Rajsamand in the real spirit of devotion in the month of March/ April every year.

Karnimata fair

The 9 day fair is organised in the vicinity of Karnimata Temple in Devgarh, 70 Km north to district Head Quarters for the last 40 years.
Mainly for sale and purchase of cattle, this fair is organised by Municipal Council. It is also famous for its Dussehra celebrations, where at the time of Rawan Dahan, almost one Lac people participate in the ceremony.
Hundreds of various shops, stalls and many items of entertainment are the special attractions.


Gawri, the famous dance drama, marked among other things, is a month long performance of the Bhil community. It is the major event of entertainment for the rural population and is being played especially in Mewar. Troops of dancers move from village to village, during a month long performance. The functionaries follow strict religious code of conduct. Between the enactments of various episodes, the entire troop dances around a central spot devoted to a deity.