Carved out from erstwhile Udaipur District, Rajsamand District was constituted on 10th April 1991, and named after the famous lake “Rajsamand” built by Maharana Raj Singh.
Rajsamand is a rich district regarding history, religion, culture, and mining industries. Among famous places of tourist interest Kumbhalgarh Fort - the birth place of Maharana Pratap, Haldighati the famous battle field, Shrinathji the Chief Deity of Vaishnav religion, Dwarikadheesh, Charbhuja Ji and many Shiv temples.
Rajsamand is well known for its marble production as the largest producing district as well as the largest single unit in the whole country. Rajsamand also saw the vicissitudes of the freedom struggle between TANTYA TOPE and the British troops at 'Rakamgarh ka chhapar' in 1857.

Historical Events

Maharana pratap's horse named CHETAK dead in Haldighati while he was trying to cross a big water channel. He spent entire line in serving master.